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Gender fuck - the art of appearing to be a gender other than that which society has traditionally placed on the gender fucker.

Often used as a means of political expression, eg. of the celebrating diversity sort.

Probably includes drag kings but not drag queens, as the latter is somewhat more accepted than the former, and because androgyny seems to be more achieveable by the 'fairer sex' than the other.

I have gender fucked you when you don't know whether I'm a man or a woman, or if you decide on one but discover I'm the other (through genital observation).

An amusing game to play in single-sex environments, if you like to live dangerously.

More exciting to play in RL, due to the confounding properties of voice, expression, body language and physical appearance.

It also describes a person who is just openly and willingly violating the gender boundary by combining a number of things that are decidedly masculine and feminine at the same time.

The classic example would be seeing someone walking down the street with a beard, unshaven legs, and long hair, while wearing a dress and high heels and carrying a purse.

It has to be clear it is not an accident, but quite intentional, and can really throw off people who are not prepared and/or used to it. And it doesn't really count when done for comedic purposes.

Genderfuck can be either a verb or a noun.

To genderfuck means to play with gender expressions with the express intent to confuse other people. Many people can't handle someone who doesn't conform to one gender but uses aspects of both male and female gender to express hirself.
Thus, a genderfuck would be someone who engages in genderfucking.

A good example of a genderfuck would be Brian Molko. He is male, and likes to wear female clothing and makeup, but he doesn't really try to look like a woman . The result is very disturbing to some people, and he seems to enjoy that.

The above writeups are technically correct but, I feel, miss out on a possibility: the unintentional genderfuck.

Here's the skinny:

I'm genderqueer and proud of it; if I weren't proud of it then there's a danger that I would become very, very sad (TM). Like almost everyone in the Western world, I have a favourite set of clothes, which I will wear when I want to look nice; it's nothing fancy: tight pants, a red top, some makeup and bothering to style my hair so it looks aggressive rather than just fluffy.

I end up androgynous, with a flat chest but big hips. My face doesn't give too much of a clue; I've practiced male and female expressions in the mirror and I'll use them both as I please, so if you start looking at me at 10:00PM, you might see a different person than if you'd started looking at 9:50PM (first impressions tend to stick, though). I'm prettier if I conform to the gender corresponding to my sex, but I've sparked drunken arguments between strangers about what I am. Whatever.

It's more fun than I expected; one feels like one is performing threefold service: To the people you fuck, by challenging their expectations. To the trans community by fucking the squares. To yourself by reminding you that not all strangers are bad people; a look of confusion isn't too bad, and I've been lucky or sensible enough to not put myself where I don't feel safe.

But it's not intentional; I was just chillin' at home last week, watching some TV in some very old sportswear (from waay back when I was a good little larvum), and I answer the doorbell to a salesman (sales-boy, really) touting a sports-bag of whatever he was selling around on his back. His opening line to me?

"Good evening, sir or madam."

He gets full marks, for cojones if nothing else. If I could stop, I don't know if I would. My point is that the writeups above assume that a genderfuck needs to be some kind of statement - some kind of action which one has decided to do. It really doesn't have to be - when I get dressed, I try to conform as much as I can - sticking out isn't a good definition for a person to have, and I still fail.

Of course, there's a worse kind of unintentional genderfuck - when you're trying to pass as the opposite sex and fail. I guess this is similar to above.

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