He was a drunk guy on the street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was walking with two female friends, raging about how I needed to dance or I couldn't guarantee what would happen. Cue bastard jock to approach from the general direction of the liquordome.

"Yerrr alls a buncha dykes" says he.

"Go crawl back under your rock", I spit back.

We keep walking. Suddenly I am propelled forward by a heavy blow to my back. Drunken football player hit me in the back! And me without my glasses! I spin around to see him lunging forward to hit me again. I pound his chest ineffectually with my little fists. People pull us apart. My friends were freaked out and worried about me, fighting with someone who could quite obviously kill me with one well-placed blow. I just wanted to prolong it long enough to press charges and see him put in the drunk tank.

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