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A go bag is a pre-packed emergency kit in case you have to escape some catastrophe. Good examples are for tornado, earthquake, wildfire, and hurricane prone areas.

You can use any kind of case, from a backpack to an overnighter bag with wheels, but understand you may be running (literally, for your life) while carrying it. I would recommend a comfortable backpack with several large pockets. The idea is to have something for a couple of days. If you live in an area that has lots of disasters you should consider building out a larger stash of food and water.

Items that you should consider packing include:

  • Cash. Stick around fifty bucks in small bills and a roll or two of quarters in case you have to get something from a vending machine.
  • Food. Pack some energy bars, granola bars, trail mix, and a large bottle of water. I would also recommend getting a survival straw that filters out bad stuff. Add in can and bottle openers.
  • Copies of Papers. Put copies of identification papers, not originals, in a pocket in case you have to deal with authorities. Add in medical cards, gas cards, an ATM or credit card if needed.
  • Clothes and Shoes. Include a change of clothes, a jacket or warm sweater, and a pair of sturdy waterproof boots, an extra belt, rain gear, a mylar blanket, and work gloves and a hat. Try to add as much stuff as you can that you can layer.
  • Medication. Besides a small first aid kit, put your own medication in a daily pill planner and toss in naproxen sodium, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, and sunscreen.
  • Personal Stuff. Extra eyeglasses, toiletries (get some travel-sized stuff), extra toilet paper, baby wipes, a Leatherman multitool, and a solid knife.
  • Electronics. If you're planning out your go kit with someone, consider a decent walkie-talkie or ham radio portable setup. Phone, phone charger, hand-cranked charger/radio/flashlight, an LED flashlight, extra batteries, and cables to connect things.

Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but it's good to have one. Make sure you swap things out like the food, water, and batteries.

Iron Noder 2017

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