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A punk/rock band from southern California, HomeGrown has been around for many years and is one of the more popular bands in the pop punk genre. They started out in 1993 with lots of ska-influenced songs as well as their punk influence, and have improved greatly over the years and moved to more rock-type music while still maintaining their talent and ability to write good songs. They put on a good show live; they have a lot of energy, are usually drunk, and joke around and have fun the whole time. They haven't let their popuarity go to their head and just seem like cool guys to hang out with, although i've only talked to them a few times .

HomeGrown is currently Adumb Lombarch on bass and vocals, and Johnee Trash on guitar and vocals, and Darren Reynolds from Longfellow on drums. They have lost several members over time but the core remains as Adam and Johnee. One of their original guitarrists, Ian Cone, left the band for undetermined reasons about two years ago. Then, tragically, their popular drummer, Bob Herco, has left the band for now after having surgery for brain cancer. He is currently making a recovery but is not yet able to play drums again. Justin Poyser, the guitarrist who originally replaced Ian, also left the band around October of 2000, bringing the number of guitars in the band from 2 to 1.

Probably the most well known HomeGrown song is Surfer Girl, which had radio play on KROQ.. also popular is their remake of the Barbie Girl song. Their records include Thats Bizness(1995), Wassappenin (1996)', Act Your Age, EP Phone Home, and Connections (split witn Limbeck) and they also appear on several tribute albums, with remakes of songs like Bombshell by Operation Ivy and Planet Earth by Duran Duran. Rumor has it they are soon to be signed on Drive Thru Records, and they have another CD coming out soon.

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