There are rules to be followed when giving another person a hug. Among men this leads to several different types of hug:
  • One Handed Double Slap Hug
    Is a popular item. To perform this maneuver smile, lean forward but do not step forward, place you hand behind the back of the man you are facing, and pound once or twice. If you're still feeling uncomfortable after this, laugh and punch your partner in the shoulder.
  • Side Hug also known as the Lutheran Hug
    Adopted by men from Lutherans and other Christians who feel guilty about touching anyone. To perform this maneuver smile, face the same direction as your partner, and place an arm around his (or possibly her, if you really are a Lutheran) shoulder for no more than 4 seconds. During this period make sure your hips do not touch, otherwise you could be a homosexual.

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