Why is it when you say this, you have to provide supporting evidence? It's just like if you say "I'm not hungry.". "Well, why not?" "I just ate." "How long ago?" "About an hour." "What did you have to eat?" "McDonald's." "Are you sure you're not hungry?" "Yes." "Yes, you're hungry?" "No, yes I'm sure I don't want to fucking eat." This works for "I'm not gay" as well.

"Are you gay? I saw your write-up on E2 about a Gay Code." "No, I'm not gay." "Then why would you write it?" "Because I thought it would be thought-provoking and homosexuality is one of the few controversial topics left, although it may soon gain mainstream acceptance just like Alternative music did." "So if you aren't gay, why do you know so much about it?" "I know how to make a crack pipe and roll a joint too, that doesn't mean I do drugs." "You know WHAT?!" "Arrgh, I give up." "So you're saying you're gay AND you smoke crack and pot?" "No, I'm straight - and I don't do drugs... You've never seen me smoking anything, and I never smell like smoke." "Well I've never seen you with a woman either..." "That's because I'm a GEEK." "But you do like women, right?" "Yes... Check out my pr0n collection." "What!?"

To clarify, I am not likening doing drugs to homosexuality - I am likening the assimilation of knowledge to the assumption that knowing about something means you are speaking from experience.

Once you bring up something related to homosexuality, there's no easy way to get yourself out...
Part of the reason why one must defend their virtue against the specter of being seen as gay is because the only reason why anything related to being gay is brought up, often, is because the lady doth protest too much.

This is what society at large seems to believe, at least. Regardless of whether you're just a Sensitive New-Age Guy, or if you really are gay, if you know anything about gays you're assumed to be a part of the class. This is inherently unfair, and it is a problem for gays as well -- we try to inform people, but the people who need to be informed don't want to be associated with being gay. Therefore, they don't listen, and we (the gays) have wasted our time and energy and effort.

The only way to combat this viewpoint seems to be the patiently repeated application of the clue by four to the heads of those who don't understand. Such as the way powercntrl does it.

powercntrl, I salute you. Thank you.

What I told myself every morning of my life after I began to have sexual thoughts. I would get up, take a shower, masturbate to sexual thoughts about men, and then repeat over and over to myself after I finished, "I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I just happen to think about men while I masturbate. How could I be gay when I'm so normal?"

Let's just say that it was a long road until I was able to say to myself one of those times, "I'm gay," out loud to myself. It felt liberating, but it felt terrifying.

And now, I'm all the better for accepting myself.

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