Hyperphagia is a symptom of various forms of depression, as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder and other mental and mood disorders. The word itself is a combination of two Greek words: "hyper", meaning "over, above, excessive", and "phagein", meaning "to eat". Sufferers of hyperphagia show an increased appetite for food; this generally leads to weight gain.

As a person who has SAD, I am in a position to describe what it's like to be hyperphagic. It's a weird feeling when one thinks about it. One simply constantly feels like eating, even though one might be completely full (as after the American tradition of Thanksgiving dinner, after which I usually try to lose myself in a video game to keep my mind off of grazing throught the evening). I imagine the feeling is similar to having the munchies, although I have never been in the position to find out (being allergic to marijuana).

As with most mental and mood disorders, there are medications and chemicals that can suppress the symptoms, even if there is, as yet, no cure. However, in the absence of such medicines, the sufferer can sometimes make do with discipline and conscious effort, a treatment that, while often cheaper, can be quite draining.

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