i don't know.. your lips
(but I want to..)
i don't know how you speak
in person i don't.. care
i think i could love you

i think i could watch you
sleep and i think that
i could lose myself in your
thoughts.. if you'd let me

i think i could love you
i.. can't get you out of, off
my train of thought, i think
you're the one driving it

i'll save little things
that remind me of you and
you might not even know that
(i surely couldn't say..)
i think i could love you

you make me write bad poetree.

i think i could love you

you know it wasn't so long ago
when i thought those very same words
as we spoke on the phone
although I knew that I could in my heart
but the words seem to always fall silent as they reached my lips
now wasn't the time
nor the phone box to tell you this

but you needed reassurance
and this I accept
but to play this deadly game
of emotional poker
which came to an end
as you called my bluff
was wrong,

so when I said those three words:

i love you

what I really meant was:

but i lie

did the angels sing?
when I said those words my dearest?
cause they cried for me
for this was the beginning of the end.

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