before reading this, please note that it will be no where near as effective without me sitting there, staring up at the ceiling watching the fan spin round and round and strumming at random on a guitar that i've no idea how to play. you may now continue.

oh, i want to touch your community chest
i want to take a ride on the reading with
you and i think that i could do with a 
little oriental before i move on to virginia
oh sweet sweet virginia and.. oh baby i 
want to touch your community chest, i need
to walk on the boardwalk with you in the 
middle of the night and you can come over to
my hotel on marvin, you won't pass go til 
mornin', oh no no no, not til' the sun comes up
over parkplace and we'll pick some deodorant 
up before we hit B&O, and i'll just end this now
with a 
short line
about the way that 
i want to touch your community chest 
if you'd just give me a chance.

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