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"In deep shit" is an extremely severe negative situation that an individual or group is forced into by the outcome of their or others actions. If there was a tub of shit, most surveyed would rather be immersed in this tub if it was not deeply filled with shit or contained a null level of shit. The normal reaction is to request a shit level that is the lowest achievable. Recreational scatologists opinions on this matter may fluxuate with their enviornment and are considered a special exception.

Example Bobs job decription states that he must achieve position "a" at least daily to retain employment unless his superiors grant him permission to neglect this responsibility.
Due to circumstances, whatever they may be - fault of Bob or not, Bob does not complete position "a" without consulting his superiors.
Bob is now "in deep shit."

This was noded as a public service. I have seen a lot of abuse of the phrase recently and would like to clairify the correct use of the term.

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