A popular spanish drink that consists of red wine and Coke


Pronounced kalimocho a.k.a. Calimocho – in same southern areas of Spain it is spelt this way, but over the years I have seen amazing variations on the word and pronunciation. It also goes by the name of ColaWeis in some parts of Germanay (thanks pjd!)


Its origins lay in the Basque Country and like the people there the precise beginings are hazy. It is a very popular drink and in they serve in every self respecting bart. In the rest of Spain it is equally well known but most of the time considered to be a vulgar kids drink.

I have not seen this drink anywhere else but in Spain, and that I am aware of not even the French Basques drink it.
Update: I have just been told that it is known and drunk is some parts of Germany.


Due to ingredients (as detailed below) it is very refreshing and has much the same effect as beer or champagne.


Add ice to a glass according to taste. Pour either 2/3rds of wine into the glass (some people prefer a milder version with 1/2 of wine. This varies with quality of the wine and the drinker's preference, once you have made it a few times you will find your own perfect combination) Fill up the rest of the glass with Coke. Mix well and serve.

Some bars may serve it with a lemon or orange slice for decoration.
You can also test your stamina and ask for a ‘litrona’. This is simply a litre of kalimtoxo in big plastic cup.
This is very popular with the younger generations because it is the same price as mixed drink and can be shared. Be careful though if there are more than three of you - It would be advisable to ask for two 'litronas' or you might not get to try it!.


Over time there as been some variations on the drink and many people with have tried to improve on it with varying degrees of success. The variations I know of are as follows:

  • The most important and obvious one is the wine, you can use a vintage wine and it certainly makes it a more sophisticated drink but the price/quality ratio is not worth it.
  • Kalitxurri - Coke and White Wine. – This is the invention of some ambitious bartender and is best avoided.
  • Jotxemari – Instead of Coke this uses lemonade. – I find it that this gives a rather bitter aftertaste
  • Xurimoski - Substitute the Coke for Fanta Orange – this gives the drink a very strange colour and a tangy flavour that is better than most but still not comparable to the original.

As you can see it is very simple to make, very cheap and can be enjoyed instantly. And best of all one in the middle of day is refreshingly good and guilt free.

As well as extrapolating from my own knowledge I consulted my Basque friends on the spellings and the variations. I know there are many more and as I come I across them I will update the list.

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