A line of watches created by Seiko. They are powered by a rechargeable battery that is recharged by the spinning of a weighted pendulum that swings around when the watch is moved around.

The name of a Risc computer produced by Castle Technology and successor to the Risc PC. It runs on a 300MHz StrongARM Processor. This may not sound much but due to the wonders of Risc techniques it feels more like 1Ghz while at the same time being all but silent.

The Kinetic comes with Risc OS installed on ROM and so boots up almost instantly, a joy to behold. It is also available with Linux preinstalled.

The Kinetic has been succeded by the Iyonix a newer model of Risc computer.

Ki*net"ic (?), q. [Gr. , from to move.] Physics

Moving or causing motion; motory; active, as opposed to latent.

Kinetic energy. See Energy, n. 4.


© Webster 1913.

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