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From Terry Pratchett’s science fiction novel Strata.

Kung: The Planet

Kung is the home planet of the Kung (species).

Kung orbits close to a cool red dwarf, practically inside the star’s atmosphere. Kung has one large moon, causing severe and sudden tides. Vegetation is either amphibious or fungal. The low gravity allowed many mountain ranges to rise but the insane weather had eroded them away by the time of the events depicted in Strata. Kung has permanent 100% cloud cover, and rains so much that the kung have 42 words for rain.

Despite having nothing to offer alien citizens (well, nothing that they would want), Kung is trying to create a tourist industry. To this end, nothing is illegal on Kung, ships are allowed to land under their own power (even though it has a space elevator), and there is no immigration control (because smugglers are rich).

Kung: The Species

The Kung are an alien species that live on the planet Kung.

Kung are tall, an average male being about 7 feet tall. Their bodies are skeletally thin, and are equipped with a three lungs (the third lung is located between the shoulder blades), and two hearts. Kung hair is red, and formed into a cock’s comb, known as a freffr. Warrior kung have four arms. A kung in battle-rage is filled with regenerative enzymes that allow it to heal at an incredible rate.

The Kung are known for their Tleng music and their tendency to decorate things in grey and brownish-purple, with splotches of vivid red.

Concerning religion, Kung believe that when a baby kung is born it takes the spirit of the most recently deceased person in the area.

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