For Iceberg Slim and his contemporaries, this was jivespeak for the act of turning against a persion by condemning them. If one of your whores tries to georgia you, you'd want to give her some larceny to keep her in line.

Lar"ce*ny (?), n.; pl. Larcenies (#). [F. larcin, OE. larrecin, L. latrocinium, fr. latro robber, mercenary, hired servant; cf. Gr. () hired servant. Cf. Latrociny.] Law

The unlawful taking and carrying away of things personal with intent to deprive the right owner of the same; theft. Cf. Embezzlement.

Grand larcenyPetit larceny are distinctions having reference to the nature or value of the property stolen. They are abolished in England. -- Mixed, ∨ Compound, larceny, that which, under statute, includes in it the aggravation of a taking from a building or the person. -- Simple larceny, that which is not accompanied with any aggravating circumstances.


© Webster 1913.

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