See the funny little man,
Try and catch him if you can.
Quickly now! That's too slow--
Where did all your money go?

--The Roguelet's ABC

"I'm the Leprechaun." -- Wayne Campbell with a flashlight on his face to Garth Algar in Wayne's World 2.

That quote is probably the best thing that came from the movie Leprechaun except maybe Jennifer Aniston starring in her first major role.

Leprechaun is a horror movie released in 1993, written and directed by Mark Jones. The cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Warwick Davis, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Shay Duffin, and others.

Your luck just ran out

Dan O'Grady (Shay Duffin) returns home after a trip to Ireland. While there O'Grady finds and steals a Leprechaun's pot of gold. But the pot of gold isn't all that returns with O'Grady. The Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) he stole it from follows him back. After nearly losing his life to the Leprechaun O'Grady locks him in his basement. 10 years later J.D. (John Sanderford) and his daughter Tory (Jennifer Aniston) move into the house and begin cleaning up the place. In the process the Leprechaun is accidentally released and starts to wreak havoc and kill people while searching for his pot of gold.

Ok, this isn't the worst movie ever, I just love that quote from Wayne's World 2. Not too bad for a generic horror movie. IIRC there was a few parts that made me jump and the Leprechaun is pretty funny actually. This movie spawned a long series: Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4: In Space, and Leprechaun 5: In the Hood.

This story was written by my adorable son. He is very interested in e2, and what all we do here... and I've encouraged him to node, but he's asked me to put up his latest story under my name first. Here it is, unembellished by me... though he did run it through spell check!

Joshbosh the Leprechaun
by Gammon

"Where am I gonna hide me gold?" Joshbosh said cheerfully. "Maybe behind this stick....no. Behind this tree; no. Too obvious. Ah ha! Behind this!"

Joshbosh was looking at a thorny bush. He hid his gold and rested by it. When Joshbosh awoke he discovered he was stuck in a small ringbox.

"Ah! Get me outta here!" He cries. Then he heard a voice.

"Ha HA! Now I have the gold!"

"What!?" Joshbosh said.

"Huh? Oh, now he's awake" Said the voice. Then the box opened and a giant hand lifted him up. "Oh, hello. I got your gold.... ha ha ha! They said leprechauns didn't exist but now I'll prove it to them! Ha ha ha!" said the voice.

Hey, look!" Joshbosh said, "Albert Einstein!"

"What?" said the boy. He freaked out, turned around, and dropped Joshbosh.

Joshbosh ran and ran, but, what about the gold? He asked himself. He ran back. But what about your life? He asked himself. It went on and on. The he looked back and didn't see the gold.

"Oh man." He said. He saw Scary putting the gold into a freaky liquid.

"He ha ha!" The Nerd said. He almost put the gold in, but Joshbosh leaped up and caught the gold.

"Ha ha ha back to you!" He said and ran off.

Joshbosh was bounding up and down outside but the Nerd was still on his tail. Then Joshbosh jumped up, did a backflip, and apparently fell into a wastebasket.

"Ha ha!" The Nerd said and he grabbed Joshbosh. And the gold...

Joshbosh got away from the Nerd but the Nerd had a robot Joshbosh's size! He commanded it to get Joshbosh. The robot spurted out atomic bombs at Joshbosh, but luckily it had a blast length of only a pencil. Joshbosh shot poison darts at the robot, but it didn't affect him. The robot suddenly grew twenty times bigger than Joshbosh. Then he made his hand reach out and grab Joshbosh. He tossed Joshbosh sixteen feet away outside. Then Joshbosh landed on the ground.

"Thank goodness!" He said.

The End

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