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I do believe that Dr. Dannyboy said it best...

"Reality is subjective, and there's an unenlightened tendency in this culture to regard something as 'important' only if 'tis sober and severe. Sure and still you're right about your Cheerful Dumb, only they're not so much happy as lobotomized. But your Gloomy Smart are just as ridiculous. When you're unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously. Your truly happy people, which is to say, your people who truly like themselves, they don't think about themselves very much. Your unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwellin' on himself and start payin' attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form o' self-indulgence."

Jitterbug Perfume, Tom Robbins

I mean really, in the stretch of time, in the billions and billions of years, where you are just a fleck in the dust of the cosmos, and not a very shiny one at that, how truly important *is* your drama anyway?


Lemony Snicket
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The Flying Dutchman
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I will eat you slowly with kisses
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i dreamed of you last night... fell out of bed twice. you can pin me and mount me like a butterfly...

the world in my eyes... that's right baby... see for yourself
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/me is eyeballing... _Law_ and perhapsadingo8yrbaby and evadyne mmm... tasty new noder flesh!

okay. i'm feeling a bit like an exhibitionist tonight - i can't sleep and i'm taking personality tests 'cause they're addictive. here's everything you ever wanted to know, and probably more. thespark and emode say i'm: 51% bitch. i don't have nails. my aura is crimson. tactile and sensual and whatnot. persephone is my sex goddess... pomegranite anyone? i'll likely die at the age of 75. fair enough. just so long as my wit's intact. my colour is red i'm 71% unintelligent meaning i have a high self-confidence, medium morality and a healthy sense of humour... whatever the fuck that means. my superpower is superspeed damn. i was hopin' for buttercup... the gender test says i am definitely a man. whoa. i was smack dab in the middle of their little spectrum, but 'statistically speaking you are a man'. holy cow. 80% confidence... /me blinks my lucky number is 7. how original. it's supposed to mean i have a lust for life... my tv family is the keatons. heh. i love you mom. i'll sleep with 21 more people, two of whom i'll be in love with. uh. yea... right. i think not. my type is 'the brain' i'm a hippie chick... i probably wear my hair long and loose... grumble i'm pregnant, and i'll have 4 children. sheesh. this was the dumbest test 56% cruel and unusual on the cutthroat test, which is pretty much in the middle my celebrity match is russel crowe. i dunno about that. he seems like a pouty bitch to me... and gladiator sucked. i'm a classicist for chrissake, it was painful to watch. gimmie vince vaughn. the zodiac sign i should be is libra. um... okay. i don't like libra chicks. (no offense) they're wishy washy. i'm 55% slutty. 70% sluttier than the rest of the world. this i find fascinating. obviously doesn't have anything to do with number of partners. i'm gonna be a millionaire at 37. in my past life i was a turtle named gifford. i'll be married by august 20th 2005. my valentine's candy heart says 'U R Sexy' my astrological match is a gemini. never gotten near one. 92% of people are more pure than i am. my purity test was 37%. wtf?