This should be read (or sung) to the tune of Air Supply's "All Out Of Love".
A year after I wrote this, it became a reality.

He stares at his screen
Something is missing
He longs for her once again
He types some more code
Her name's all he sees
He's bleeding in his heart

Her face on his desktop
The yearning just won't stop
Just to hear her voice
Then he would rejoice
He can't wait
No longer think straight

The time will come once more
When he'll knock on her door
Again they will be
Together and free
He'll hold her hand
And they'll walk in the sand

Tormented is he
His life's turned empty
Turns to his code once again
His heart's playin' tricks on his brain
And line one-eighty-two
Will always be true
He will { while (true) { love(her); }}
Really meant forever
Really meant forever-er-er

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