some days I can't do maybe

when it's maybe maybe maybe

when I am vulnerable sad tired or stressed

I have two patients dying

expected and appropriate

but their families cry

and now I have a family member

in hospice, just heard this morning

a new grandmother

I remember my mother

and my grandmother

and my other dead

sister father mother grandparents aunts uncles

friend in college

friends, patients, loss

soon I'll know more dead then living

some days I turn off my phone

some days I need to lean on a sure thing

some days I can't lean on maybe

so I would rather not

May"be (?), adv. [For it may be.]

Perhaps; possibly; peradventure.

Maybe the amorous count solicits her. Shak.

In a liberal and, maybe, somewhat reckless way. Tylor.


© Webster 1913.

May"be, a.

Possible; probable, but not sure.


Then add those maybe years thou hast to live. Driden.


© Webster 1913.

May"be, n.

Possibility; uncertainty.


What they offer is mere maybe and shift. Creech.


© Webster 1913.

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