Refers to clubs and bars for which the only motivation to go there is the pursuit of hook-ups. Most often sighted in college towns, and usually populated by freshmen.
See also sausage party.

It is a hard thing to have a major epiphany and for it not to faze you at all.  As I sat on the Long Island Rail Road between Jamaica and Hillside in a darkened subway car surrounded by the absolute dreks of humanity, i thought

this is all wrong

This is not how people are supposed to act.  There is something fundamentally


with the way people act in public.  Too many people think all the world's a stage and are acting as if they're on one and they'll instantly be shot if they let one iota of their true personality

fragile, true, breakable

slip through.  And then I'm back at the bars, the 21's century's auction block.  How much for the slim brunette?

she's got a nice rack...cost ya two drinks and a smile

She worth that much?  Maybe I can wow her with my knowledge of quantum physics


Isn't that, like, math or something?

Yeah, like math.  How cosmopolitan you are, how fashionable in your backless shirt and your capri pants.  I want to have sex with you because of how intelligent I've figured you are from gazing at you from the other side of the room, and gee golly if you just happen to be wearing the skimpiest shirt possible that didn't factor into it at all, because I'm deep.

Who are you trying to fool?

No, really, I could tell you weren't shallow from the way I saw you holding that Manhattan.  Also, you're wearing all the trendy clothes.  And your winning smile...

I love compliments, keep 'em coming lover boy...

Well of course I will, because I'm cool and hip and I know all the right things to say.  

I just can't do this anymore; I can't come to this market and find nothing worth buying night after night...

Don't you want to meet people?

I will never meet someone I want to get to know this way.

There's always more where she came from...once I buy that great shirt I saw five guys in the bar wearing tonight they'll all be flocking at my feet again.  Gotta keep hanging with the big boys...

I will NEVER meet someone I want to learn more about this way.

You talk too much.  Why don't you just come dance?

I will NEVER do this again.

Hey man, there's this bar down in Union Square...

Let's go.

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