A bar in St. Louis on Laclede's Landing. Bar is a chain of bars they have a Bar Atlanta, Bar New Orleans, and others. It is a bar/club. Lots of club music and lots of dancing. I've only been in here once, so I may not get the description right.

Walking in the front door you enter into a long foyer-type area with arched entries into the main room. In this is also a counter and a bar I think. Going into the main room there is bar across the way. Looking to your right (back toward the street) there are some TVs. This is one thing that makes BAR unique they show what is going on in the other BAR franchises. Back to the bar across the room, there should be a bunch of girls dancing on the bar and a bunch of drooling guys right below them. I honestly believe some these bars hire women to look like normal patrons and dance on the bars so other women get up there too. If you make a left in the big room and head further into the building there is bar set back into the wall on your left. A little further is a DJ booth on your right. If you keep going you find the bathrooms on your left. Further yet in is another bar, but I didn't see any dancing on this bar. While there on the TV labeled St. Louis there were women dancing on a bar in lingerie. We couldn't find these women, so either there is a secret room or the TV was not live.

Similar in to Banana Joe's, but it has a darker feel. Meat market.

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