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I am visiting M. She is a mentor and old friend.

This morning she says, "Here, you'll like this." and tosses something fuzzy at me.

It is a clip on bow tie. Covered with mink fur. Real mink we think that doesn't stink.

It is an old clip. The two wings fold up to open the metal arms underneath, which clip to grip when the arms are folded back down.

"You can use it to clip a sweater together."

I promptly add it to the fairly strange sweater I am wearing. "How's that?"

"Too much." says M.

I knew that. Doesn't work with this sweater.

I clip it in my hair instead. The clip works in my hair. It looks like I have a large brown woolly bear on my head, as if it should move at any moment.

And who wore mink clip on bow ties? That's the real mystery in second hand shopping. Who bought this and what were they thinking?

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