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Mojibake are the garbage characters you sometimes get when you are trying to process or view text on a machine that is not set up to handle it properly.

Like this:


If E2 and/or your computer cannot handle Japanese text, the above will be mojibake.

When using a computer not set up for English, one must be careful when typing even ASCII text. ??????????????????????? I just typed "Like can you read this?" in English, but I used fullwidth Latin letters, rather than halfwidth. (ASCII is halfwidth all the way.)

English-speaking Americans reading text by English-speaking Americans or writing text for English-speaking Americans have no concerns about mojibake. English is generally written using ONE encoding: ASCII. But Japanese writing in Japanese or reading Japanese have problems because of the numerous encodings used for Japanese, such as Shift-JIS and Unicode.

Europeans may have mojibake problems with accented letters.

The word "mojibake" is from Japanese.


Update:thbz wrote to me: re: mojibake: I don't think the problem is with E2, but with your machine. You can enter Japanese in E2. See for example ERFC: Kanji Write-Ups. Use EUC or HTML special characters.

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