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Geopolitical division/region of Japan located in the middle of the main island of Honshu consisting of the following 7(*) prefectures:

The Kinki region is surrounded by the Sea of Japan to the north, the Chubu region to the east, the Chugoku region to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. It can be said that the Kinki region is most well known for the Kansai area.

The name Kinki made up of two characters, kin, the character for "close" and ki, a character for "capital". Therefore meaning "close to the capital"; Kyoto. This name has its beginning from way before the Meiji Era and the establishment of the prefectural sytem.

* Sometimes Mie prefecture is and is not included in the Kansai region. When not included in the Kansai region, it is included in the Tokai area.

Kinki is written in Japanese fonts at the top of this writeup so you might experience mojibake.

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