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The esteemed and venerable montecarlo and his daughter are flying all the way to London, England for a nodermeet, on the pretext of coming to see his other daughter.

Come to London on the evening of 29th of May 2006 (bank holiday Monday!) and join us for drinks and merriment. We will be in a pub in Soho, since this is where montecarlo is staying.

The venue is "Nanobyte". It's on Wardour Street, and their website at http://www.nanobytebar.com/ has a map. The place does, you will notice, have a very stupid name, but, crucially, it also has room for a large group of people, unlike most of the rest of the tiny pubs in the area. It serves food, also.

The time will be 6pm onwards.

Come one, come all! Eat, drink and be merry, in the charming and quaint red light district.

6pm, Monday 29th of May, 2006
Nanobyte, Wardour Street, Soho, London

Cool and happening people who are coming:

Uncool non-attendees who have submitted excuses:

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