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Album by Manchester band I am kloot, released in early 2001.

The first time I heard this album was at a Borders store in London. I was very bored and thought the sleeve looked cool, so I gave it a try in a listening station. I was so drawn into I am kloot's world of love, deceit and perversion that I didn't notice that the store was being evacuated until a security guard knocked me on my shoulder to inform me.

The album consists of a set of songs that tell tales of John Bramwell's everyday life with a large portion of cynisism. The music is acoustic and very laid back, almost jazzy. The album and the live performances received very favourable reviews in the UK.

Track listing
  1. To You *
  2. Morning Rain *
  3. Twist *-
  4. 86 TV's *
  5. Bigger Wheels
  6. Loch
  7. Storm Warning
  8. Dark Star *
  9. Stop
  10. Sunlight Hits The Snow
  11. No Fear Of Fallin
  12. Because -
Songs marked with an * have been released as singles (Twist and 86 TV's on a double A-sided one).
Songs marked with an - have had their lyrics noded by me.

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