Futuristic comic book superhero in a series by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. Nexus (real name: Horatio Hellpop) is driven to seek out and punish mass murderers with his awesome cosmic powers.

A central point where connections occur.

Also the psychedelic drug 2C-B or 2CB (see also Psychedelic Guide: 2C-B and 4-BROMO-2,5-DIMETHOXYPHENETHYLAMINE).

compiled overview of the 25ton Nexus 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The Nexus has a checkered past. It began as the Jackrabbit a light 'Mech developed by the SLDF at Skobel MechWorks just two years before the Amaris Civil War. Mere weeks after Skobel MechWorks finished the Jackrabbit's preliminary testing, Stefan Amaris's armies seized the factory. Amaris the Usurper ordered the Jackrabbit mass-produced for his Republican army. Ultimately, the would-be dictator deployed more than five hundred Jackrabbits against the Star League soldiers for whose use they were originally intended.

General Aleksandr Kerensky recaptured the Skobel MechWorks plant relatively intact during the Liberation of Terra, but refused to use the 'Mech that Amaris had sent against its developers. He shut down the factory, and ComStar kept it closed for several centuries. Kerensky's army took no Jackrabbits on the Exodus. Outside ComStar, few records of the 'Mech's existence remained.

In 3054, ComStar's Precentor Martial Focht modified the Jackrabbit's design, replacing the engine with the faster Nissan 175 and removing all ballistic and missle weapons. He installed jump jets and an array of energy weapons, and the newly refitted and renamed Nexus, soon began production.

The Nexus is a fast mover that can reach a target, deliver a solid punch and get out quickly. Its speed and its highly effective McArthur anti-missle system makes it difficult to hit, and its Rawlings 55 jump jets make it just as difficult to pursue.

An impressive combination of medium and short-range energy weapons allows for devastating volleys in most combat situations. A shoulder-mounted Blankenburg Technologies Medium Laser provides the punch at a distance, and a pair of very efficient Intek small lasers give the Nexus excellent firepower in tight situations. The 'Mech's main slugging power comes from Blankenburg Technologies' excellent medium pulse lasers that have replaced the Jackrabbit's hand actuators.

Since mid-3055 the Nexus has been deployed in the ComStar Fourth Army's 366th Division. The 366th Division, decimated by Clan Wolf hit and run raids on Tukayyid, used large numbers of Nexuses to replace their losses.

Note: Information used here was the domain of FASA before they split the rights between Wizkids LLC and Microsoft (table-top gaming and video games respectively). Copyright of the fluff text is in limbo, but names of persons, places, & things are without any doubt the property of Wizkids LLC. Use of any terms here related to the BattleTech trademark are not meant as a challenge to Wizkids LLC's rights.

Main area of Protoss operations; the humble beginning of any Protoss base. Although lacking the flying ability of the Terran command center, or the larva generating properties of the Zerg Hatchery, the Protoss make up for it with their powerful (albeit expensive) units.

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Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on captivating Asian mythology with a uniquely anime look and feel. There's also some branch from Nexus such as Nexia, which is basically an Indonesian version of Nexus.

Nex"us (?), n. [L.]

Connection; tie.

Man is doubtless one by some subtile nexus ... extending from the new-born infant to the superannuated dotard. De Quincey.


© Webster 1913.

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