An eight sided polygon with angles adding up to 900o (degrees). The area of a regular octagon is 4.828s2, where s is the length of a side.
The perimeter for a regular polyhedron is sn where s is the length of a side and n is the number of sides.

Octagons are very bossy and like to tell people to stop. That's why stop signs are made in the shape of octagons--at least, in the USA, they are.

Geometric shapes

Octagon, or more specifically House Octagon, is a political group existing within the confines of Double Exposure's Avatar LARP gaming system. Octagon is one of 15 such houses, and is referred to as the house of the "hackers" of the Nexus. Each player must join a house - currently, of the 100 or so active players, only 3 are members of Octagon. The House also runs an in-game network called O.C.T.A.G.O.N. (Octagon Communications Terminal and Access Gateway On-demand Network). The main servers are named after Gundam Wing gundams. The only operational terminal is Nataku. Doba!

Octagon is also a type of soap manufactured by Colgate. I quote the back label:


Keep OCTAGON soap in your home. It's so convenient and useful. You'll save money, too - because it's economical to use.

For removing hard-to-get-out spots from the family wash, OCTAGON soap is excellent! And - it makes dishwashing quick and easy... because it dissolves grease fast. You'll like it, also, to help you keep your stove, cabinets and woodwork sparkling clean."

I personally distrust a product that cleans laundry, dishes, stove, cabinets, and woodwork, and still manages to come in bar form. Oh yes, the label also proclaims that "Your thoughts are important." So, if you doubt the existence of this product, you may call 1-800-221-4607 and ask them.

Oc"ta*gon (?), n. [Gr. eight-cornered; (for eight) + an angle: cf.F. cctogone.]

1. Geom.

A plane figure of eight sides and eight angles.


Any structure (as a fortification) or place with eight sides or angles.

Regular octagon, one in which the sides are all equal, and the angles also are all equal.


© Webster 1913.

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