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An Okey-Dokey, (sometimes called a Giant Okey-Dokey) is a type of jaw-breaker. I used to work at a Bulk Food Store, and we sold these monsters. They come in all different colours, and like most jaw-breakers, the colour changes with each layer. What makes okey-dokeys particularly special is their size. Maybe I don't get out much, but I've never seen a piece of candy this mammoth. An Okey-Dokey is approximately the size of a tee-ball, which is just slightly smaller than a regular baseball. No child could ever fit one of these in his or her mouth, and as a result will simply suck on it like a giant lollipop with no stick and end up getting their hands all sticky and drooly and gross.

Buy one for your favourite child today!

A very useful program for the Apple Macintosh (pre-OS X) that will click the "OK" button on dialog boxes for you. Since the Mac is nowhere near preemptive multitasking, having a dialog box on the screen would often times halt all processing until the button was clicked. This is a rather poor situation for a server that sits unattended in a closet. Enter Okey Dokey (and the later "Pro" version), to click that "OK" button and keep your server humming along quietly to itself.

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