One of the lazier tactics for many things in this world. In theory, it's a blessing; one set of clothes, lessons, colors even for everyone, to make them all satisfied.

The thing is, people these days typically resort to one-size-fits-all because they're too lazy to come up with precise and individual mechanisms for whatever the subject may be.

Education. Education is one of the primary uses of a one-size-fits-all mentality. They'll use standardized tests, placement mechanisms, etc. so that they can have as few classes as possible teaching the same material to a class or grade of children. Unfortunately, this cannot work in a society with different upbringing, different historical heritage, and different goals per person. Alas, i digress...

Clothing. Every single time I've tried a one-size-fits-all cotton T-shirt, it hasn't fit well to me at all. Perhaps they should read "One size fits most, preferrably if you're thin."

Work HARD, people. Come up with precise and specific solutions and your efforts will be well-received.

Thank you.

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