The order in which those in the barnyard may eat their grain. The order of importance imposed by power. Some peck and some are pecked upon.
See also law of the jungle.

Pecking Order was the title of my New York Times best seller from 1973. It was my first foray into what was at that time a brand new genre, "science fiction." You don't see much about it these days since it was one of the seven genres banned by the liberals during the cruel reign of Jimmy Carter who banned it by Executive Order in 1984. It was recently named one of the 20th Century's most influential books by the national leadership of the Straight White Men's Cultural Centers of America, and thus I believe it is time for me to write a review of this seminal work of one of America's all-time greatest writers, Berhardt Illych Goats (your friend and business mentor).

Ever since the publication of this work, which as a new author I only received a 64 million dollar advance and 89 percent of all gross sales (typical deal for a first time writer with talent), but because of it I have never since received an advance for less than 10 billion dollars on each book, sight unseen. This is generally the norm provided you are a good negotiator and don't get marbles in your mouth and start weeping like the cucks of today's decaying America.

I know that many of you are weak, tatted up, wearing "skater boy" clothes and wiping your snot on the sleeve of a crappy ten-year old jacket (grow up and spend some money). I know this and I am still your friend because I believe my proposed work camps can correct the curve in your spineless spine and maybe you can have some balls shoved up your pee hole so you can learn to stand up for yourself and become a businessman.

Gregory Peck made a lot of movies as an actor.

When this book came out, outstanding modern author Berhardt Goats came up against the juggernaut that is the critical world of books. One of the reasons I excitedly burn entire piles of books today is because of this, and because it helps purify the nation when I do so. The critics were intially unkind to me until they saw how the public embraced my unbelievably top notch quality work with different words and my message.

Pecking Order is considered to be a utopian novel because it depicts an idealized world run by businessmen where the working classes and lower humans are subjugated and broken to the will of the businessman class. This leads them to increased productivity and more money in the pockets of our businessman friends. The world it depicts is beautiful and ideal for all citizens, but then there is a problem. The seedy underbelly of the deep state comes in and tries to organize the working classes for a rebellion against their proper and utopian masters.

This introduces us to the hero, Brock Manley, a hunter of liberals and other evil doers who shows them no mercy. At one point he encounters a four-year-old girl who gives him the finger. He brings her into a shed and tortures her for seventeen hours and gets information from her. The girl's mother is part of the rebellion and Brock hunts her down and kills her as well. Such true heroism is rare in today's limp-wristed PC culture. A hero like Brock Manley gets shouted down and run out of town before he can commit heroic acts like he does in that scene when he guts the little girl and chortles, "Take that, you PC motherfuckers!" Truly brilliant writing from a master of the written word, Berhardt Goats.

The way that this man, Berhardt Goats, uses words and contractions and scenes to tell a story better than any since Jack Shaskepeer back in the day is truly impressive. It is like a perfect orgasm every time you read his beautiful words. What a lover he must be. I would take the opportunity if I were you to go into his bedroom with him and let him nail the door shut for safety. I am sure a passionate writer has passions in the bedroom as well. Look for him at a book signing some time. I hear he is open to new lovers.

The pecking order, of course, refers to the natural process of the superior man subjugating the lesser man for material gain, which is the meaning of life. This been perverted for many years by liberalism and this book, Pecking Order, gives us real facts and information along with an engaging storyline about a hero, Brock Manley, taking on the cruel machine that breaks down our general manliness and reduces us to weasals who line up to live off the government dole. Enough is enough. This book and its wonderful story reinforce these truths, which are hard for the tattoed loser to understand because he has wandered so far away from the lathe he needs to work all day, every day, until he dies. Maybe that doesn't sound so nice when you have been softened by "entertainment" and "easy to cook noodles" but it is the truth. A harsh truth.

Brock Manley comes up against the leaders of the rebellion against what is right and what is facts and they have a plan to stop him. They trick Brock and get him into a cave where they manage to wall him in despite him still having his trusty sword Ludvig. There was trickery, which isn't fair when you are faced with the truth of what needs to be done to bring order to this civilization infected with liberalism. He manages to extricate himself, disembowels an elderly woman who isn't involved in the rebellion out of righteous anger, and then drives towards the final apocalpytic scene when he brings an army to corral and yoke the rebels and then loads them onto livestock trucks and brings them to patriotic forced work camps where they can re-learn the reason why they were born: To work.

This utopian world has so many beautiful facets. It depicts such an idealized world that it it is difficult not to masturbate while reading it. However, this is a literary work of academic note that has received the Nobel Prize, a Hugo Award, and won the Academy Award for best soundtrack for the 1976 made-for-TV movie version of the story. Right now James Woods and Jon Voight are discussing making a big screen version for the modern audience. We will see.

This book is clearly five stars and one of the best books of the century. Many of Mr. Goats' (friend) books are excellent, informative, and scholarly but this early work from the Great Goats is noteworthy for reasons I have gotten into somewhat here.

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