phallus: a synonym for penis, which is also used to refer to the enlarged clitoris or penis-like structure of a female hermaphrodite.

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Refers to the male penis. Also has the ability to make any sentence funny:

Barry's 27-inch phallus, armed with guard hairs as sharp as red-hot needles, shot through Gilks' rectum, shattered his lower spine and skewered his colon, causing his entire lower torso to "cave" in!
- "Black Bear Attacks, Rapes Zookeeper", The Onion

Phal"lus (?), n.; pl. Phalli (). [L., a phallus (in sense 1), Gr. .]


The emblem of the generative power in nature, carried in procession in the Bacchic orgies, or worshiped in various ways.

2. Anat.

The penis or clitoris, or the embryonic or primitive organ from which either may be derived.

3. Bot.

A genus of fungi which have a fetid and disgusting odor; the stinkhorn.


© Webster 1913.

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