verb: to achieve a) contact b) interest and c) further company (possibly elsewhere). In some dynamics only one or two items need to be satisfied in order to pick-up.

noun: the girl in question.


Fragile fingers on the fender
of his truck, tracing smooth steel
as if you were bored with it
waiting for the masculinity to shoot out.

Trying, tensely, to look tender
hand on its hip, copping a feel
while your teeth held your lip
like a wrestler, squirming, in a pout.


Tell him how his truck looks feminine...
The corner panel curves just so-- look serious.
Of course he’s staring at your dress. It’s tight
with excitement: tonight he’ll be your driver.

Don’t you love that shade of fleshy crimson?
Ford stopped making paint that delirious
(maybe for a reason, you parasite
Do you think you ever earned the word "lover"?).


To stay true to this poem, I have to note that it was stored on my hard drive as a file named "A Treatise on Sussex County, DE". I still have no idea why.
Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: 20th Century Fox
Model Number: n/a
Rarity: P Prototype and R Reproduction
Year of Release: 1983 (Reproduced in 2002)
Programmer: Mark Klein

This was originall a very rare prototype game for the Atari 2600. It was never released because the producers decided that it was too sexually orientated for their tastes. The game was later reproduced with complete packaging and sold at the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo.

This is a basic bland shooter where you move back and forth along the bottom of the screen blasting falling objects. The only thing that makes it notable is that you are shooting down presents for a girl, and when you shoot enough of them, you get to take the girl to a hotel for a quick shag.

Collectors Information

There are only a few copies of the original version of this game floating around. But the reproduction version is a bit easier to find. The prototype version should come on a 20th Century Fox "loaner cart" while the reproduction version is a standard cartridge with artwork showing a man who looks sort of like Leisure Suit Larry except shadier.

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Pick"-up, or Pick"up` , n. [Colloq., Cant. or Slang]


Act of picking up, as, in various games, the fielding or hitting of a ball just after it strikes the ground.


That which picks up; specif.: (Elec.)

= Brush b.


One that is picked up, as a meal hastily got up for the occasion, a chance acquaintance, an informal game, etc.


© Webster 1913

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