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In order to understand the enigma that is pie we have to first look into the origin of the word itself. It is a little known fact that the word originates from the bird of a similar name—the magpie. The reason being that just as a magpie’s nest, a pie may contain many different things. There are two different manifestation of the pie, the first is of comfort, security, and warmth, which borrows from the nest of the bird and the other is of hatred, ruin, and shame which springs from the stolen treasure that is harbored in the nest. These two expressions of the magpie have carried on through the name and will forever be inextricably linked to the edible confection.

Both manifestations of the pie have been around since conception of the word itself. For the older generations the pie is indicative of an idyllic childhood; playing outside under the serene oak tree and being drawn home by the pleasant aroma of a freshly baked pie lovingly placed on the windowsill to cool. Just the soothing aroma of a warm apple pie will bring back vivid memories of joyous Christmas’ past where the whole family relaxes by the fireplace indulging in grandmas latest creation—this is nothing short of perfection. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could close the book on pie and have it remain uncorrupted? Unfortunately, ever since the magpie stole the first silver spoon, discord has been irrevocably embedded within the pie. In this modern and cruel age the new pie seems to have forgotten its innocence and thrown humiliation, indignity and anguish out at the world. Wherever there is a sick teen willing to desecrate perfection, wherever there is a despicable husband “working late”, wherever there is an unfortunate lover who has broken a sacred promise the evil in the pie is sure to come out and play. With this newfound insight into the origins and internal machinations of the pie we can now fully understand what lays concealed beneath its alluring crust.

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