The King of Instruments. Works by channeling compressed air to pipes, which resonate from the air flow. Capable of an amazing variety of tone colors.

There are distinctive national styles to Organs-- French, German, English, American, and so on.

Organs in size from one keyboard (manual) with one set of pipes to seven keyboards (manuals) plus pedalboard with tens of thousands of pipes.

It is also one of the most ancient keyboard instruments (trace back to antiquity), and it is deeply associated with christian cult (you can find an organ in almost every church of the world ). By mixing different sets of pipes, a single organ can produce very different sounds, from flute-like to plain thunder. Most prominent music author for the organ is probably Johann Sebastian Bach.

The sound of the pipe organ has always been so mysterious and cold, yet captivating at the same time. The pipe organ also has something called a swell box which controls the volume of the sound coming from the pipes. This is what helps the dynamics of the sound such as crescendo and decrescendo as known on the piano.

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