I shake within my dreams

And see what is not real

But it comes to be

And no one believes me

Premonitions: A vision of the future, or a manifestation of information from the subconscious?

Many people have claimed to have some sort of experience in which they had advance knowledge of a future event, whether in a dream, daydream, or vision. Highly discredited by scientists, this phenomenon must have some explanation, although none has been found yet.

The people who support the idea of premonitions being real state that premonitions are useful, and can be used to avert disasters or help in everyday life. They have no rational explanation for this, with explanations ranging from spirits visiting them to extra sensory connection with other people or the future. These people, however, mostly claim to have had premonitions after the event, so there is no way to test whether or not this is true.

Science and psychology have so far been unable to provide a logical answer to these occurances, but many conjectures have been made. One explanation accounts for the fact that our brains register every bit of sensory stimulation, subconsciously. We then manifest these things in our dreams or fantasies, without being aware of it. For example: A girl hears two boys talking during class change about perpetrating a bomb threat. She registers this, dreams about it, and in the morning, her school is evacuated due to a bomb threat. She is unaware that she heard the information before, and believes it to be a premonition.

Another explanation deems all of these dreams to be coincidences. However, having experienced premonitions myself, I believe there is a point at which coincidence becomes too frequent, and becomes reality. What that reality is, however, I have no idea.

Premonitions can be very terrifying to the individuals that experience them, and so my belief is that if there is such a thing as true premonition, it is hidden by the people who experience it. There is too much negativity associated with this subject, with most people claiming this ability or gift being quacks, or being referred to as such.

I have found no satisfactory explanation for my premonitions yet, so I am still trying to find either a scientific or psychological explanation. Unfortunately, the human mind is so complex, it may be years until a true answer is found.

Im not sure about how much you know about all this but i need help with my situation.

I am currently a 23 year male living in New York. When i was about 7 or 8 i would have these dreams, a black background then colored squares, and the almost sounded like the music from tetris when you loose, but i was seeing everything from a first person view. Almost like i was actually there. I kept wondering what was happening. Then after about a year or two i stopped having this dream. I could never figure out what it meant or what was going on. Then 4 years ago i went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. During the procedure i was put under N02. Before i passed out i saw that same image and heard the same music.

Here is some more crazy stuff that has occurred to me. I currently am a volunteer fire fighter and have been for 7 years. Ever since day one, no matter what time of day, ill be working and i get a thought that runs across my head, like " A fire call would be great right now." No joke with in 5 mins, my pager goes off and we get a call. If its the middle of the night ill wake out of sleep for no reason, wont be able to fall back and sleep and then with in 5 mins, get called out.

On a number of occasions i will be doing what im doing and i will get a chill down my back. From my neck and it runs down my spine. Every time this happens either of two this happen, either something good or something bad. I got the feeling once and then 20 mins later got into a car accident. Another time i got the chills right before buying a 50/50 ticket, next thing i know im the winner. Is this all coincidence that these occur, or is do i have a premonition that acts on the events of my day. If so do you think that with practice and training i'd be able to almost have like a spider sense.

Please believe me, this is 100% and have actually occurred. Please get back to me on what you think this could mean, and maybe some idea on how to sharpen my tools.

Pre`mo*ni"tion (?), n. [L. praemonitio. See Premonish.]

Previous warning, notice, or information; forewarning; as, a premonition of danger.


© Webster 1913.

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