I often get premonitions of bad things that are about to happen to me or my friends/family that I can't shake, and sometimes I'm absolutely convinced that so-and-so is going to die in a car accident today. I'm always very relieved when they don't happen, but what is at the root of these things? Maybe I'm just a chronic worrier, even though this doesn't happen very often. And the only time something really bad has happened to a family member, I had no premonition about it all. So I'm the world's worst psychic.

But at least I can admit it. A girl that I knew once (see: The Bad Roommate Node) was convinced that she was clairvoyant, she would get an "uh-oh" feeling and make a big deal about how something bad was going to happen. Damn that girl is annoying. Anyhow, when friends were out on a late night alcohol run, she would freak out about how they were in an accident, etc, etc. They turned out fine, but the next day she showed me a news report about this huge earthquake in Turkey, claiming that that was the reason for her "uh-oh" feeling.

Okay, maybe I'm the 2nd worst...

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