Inspired by the the world's worst high-school principal node.

Several years ago, a friend of mine began writing hardcore S&M porn about his junior high principal, a man who undoubtedly had the worst fashion sense in the world (all his suits were plaid, with contrasting plaid ties). Thus, although "The Plaidmaster," the main character in these stories, was never identified by name, his identity was clear.

My friend printed out copies of these stories on his dot-matrix printer and they began to circulate around the school. After six months or so, the principal found out what was going on...

...and sued my friend, his student, for defamation of character. This had two effects: first, The Plaidmaster's fame spread far beyond a small band of junior-high geeks; second, everyone in town found out that the principal couldn't handle ribbing from an 8th-grade boy. The principal left town within a year after the case was settled.

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