The World's Worst High-School Principal.

His name is Dr. Thomas Kolka and for some ungodly reason, he's employed. As a high-school principal, no less. He "works" at Lincoln Park High School in Lincoln Park, Michigan, a medium-sized suburb of Detroit.

A hater of children by nature, Dr. Kolka has police escort him to and from the school. His own son is a reported truant--from a fancier school, of course. Dr. Kolka made himself famous by getting his ass sued off by the ACLU recently. His crime was changing the dress code in the school to forbid any religious symbols, etc....other than Christian ones.

Don't worry, he lost the case badly, and made an ass of himself in court to boot.

After that fun project, Dr. Nazi--I'm sorry, Dr. Kolka--embroiled himself in his life's work--to treat all students as much like Jacktown prisoners as humanly possible. In his quest to cause Columbine all over again, Der Principal has chased off or fired most--if not all--of the competant teachers at the school (because they opposed his policies, of dare they?) and begun an intensive educational curriculum of random locker searches, drug dogs roaming the halls, and accusations of planning to blow up the school. Two students are currently indefinitely suspended on "suspicion" of plotting to blow up the godforsaken place. I know both of them personally; they're sometime friends of my brother. Of course, there's kid brought a computer motherboard to school, and when they raided the kids' houses, they found some computers (which they took), registered hunting guns, and worst of all, cammo gear--oh, did I mention these kids are enlisted in the Army?

Anyway, that will be over soon as Doktor Kolka sets himself up for another bout with the Judge. Let's all show our support for this brave asshole as he battles tirelessly against the evil that plagues him and "his" school--the Constitution.

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