if you looked between us a long time ago there was a puddle of dull green light but it's gone now. if you looked between us a long time ago there would have been a connection there but it's gone now.

when i had nothing i wanted nothing but i got you and then i wanted you. when i realized that i wanted you i realized that i loved you and loved your love for anything you looked at.

you made me know i wanted more and when i got more i looked at you and realized i didn't want you anymore. when i didn't want you anymore why would i stay with you? i left you on a rainy day in march.

when i lost you i realized that it didn't matter if i wanted you since i needed you. when i need someone there's nothing i can do to get you back. i can't swallow my idiocy.

now it's clear that i've got nothing if i haven't got you and when i've got nothing i want you again. and when i haven't got you the sky is clear and sunny and boring and i still miss you when it rains.

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