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There used to be this guy at work whose last name was LeClair, and he was so awful at quoting movie lines that we used to refer to this "quoting for the gist" you speak of as "LeClairifying". As in...

Guy 1: Hey, remember that scene from Jaws? "We are going to have to purchase a larger ship."
Guy 2: Could you LeClairify that?

I mean, he was awful. A word here or there is OK, but he'd stop in mid-quote, stutter, start over again, throw in a few "Oh, wait"s, and generally just fuck it up. No quote was too famous for him to royally screw up...

"You must use the force, Luke."

"No spoon exists!"

"What happens if you shoot the devil in the back? What if you don't hit him?"

"My significant other has performed fellatio on thirty-seven different men."

Don't quote for the gist.

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