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The rapi:t (rapîto in Japanese) is one of two limited express trains that serve Kansai International Airport. It is operated by the Nankai Railway, and runs from the airport to Namba Station in south-central Osaka.

If the name looks funny, wait until you see the train. It's navy blue, cylindrical, and tapers off to a retro-style Rocketman-sort-of nose at either end. The train was designed by architect Wakabayashi Hiroyuki, and won the Blue Ribbon Prize after it went into service in 1995.

It is a six-car train. The four cars facing the airport are regular seating, and the two facing the city are first class Green Cars.

There are two rapi:t trains—rapi:t α (29 min.), which stops at Shin-Imamiya, Tengachaya, Izumisano, and Rinku Town; and rapi:t β (34 min.), which also stops at Sakai and Kishiwada. They both take between 30 and 35 minutes to get from the airport to Namba, and cost ¥1,390 for a one-way ticket. Alpha and beta trains alternate: one of each runs every hour. All seats are reserved.

At Namba, you can connect to the Kintetsu line, as well as the Osaka City Subway's Midosuji, Yotsubashi, and Sennichimae lines. Tengachaya connects to the Sakaisuji Line, which feeds into the Hankyu network.

Nankai also runs regular rapid service trains to KIX from Namba and Wakayama, and JR runs rapid service trains and the Haruka limited express to Osaka and Kyoto.


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