A type of sex toy that is pregnant with nefarious purposes. Here is but one:

  1. Place the vibrating egg inside your girlfriend or adventurous boyfriend. Keep the remote control for yourself.
  2. Take your date out to a nice restaurant.
  3. During dinner, activate the egg at random intervals.
  4. Watch your date try to keep a straight face.
  5. Go home with your date and enthusiastically enjoy each other's company.

Other possibilities involve giving the remote to a stranger, or hooking it up to some sort of javascript.

A remote control egg is a variety of sex toy, consisting of one or more small egg-shaped lumps of soft plastic containing a vibrator, each of which is connected via a length of wire to a central power source and control unit.

Used generally for titillation of the erogenous zones, though also used by many for the purpose of sneaking up on some unsuspecting female friend and prodding her with it in any ticklish area, though the phallic variety are more suited to this.

Somewhere, you know that there's a man who's replaced his testes with a pair of these.

Incidentally, the very best porno meta tag I ever found was in the form of a computer generated short story. It consisted almost entirely of permutations of the phrase "I (synonym for intercourse) the (random variety of woman) with a (assorted phalli) and then downloaded a video about (random adjective) babes who (inserted) (assorted phalli) in their (orifices) and then (any verb performed upon a penis) every (erection) they saw", and also the phrase "At this point, I had to have a cigarette".

I bet you never thought porno could be so much fun.

How the hell did this get to be my highest-rated WU? What is wrong with you people?
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