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The first root log explains why the root logs exist.

April 1, 2001

  • took out the AFD code (TODO: link to writeup)

April 5, 2001

  • made the killing floor II (superdoc) have a separate area for copy-and-paste
  • made personal nodelet (nodelet) split the display of a long node title at the optional "add" part (for both normal and node bucket)

There was extreme server lag for a week, so I didn't even bother trying to do anything.

April 12, 2001 (Maundy Thursday)

  • Everything User Search (superdoc) - made the H/X info text bigger, since people still seem to miss it; one can now also sort writeups in ascending order by title, reputation, or create time by clicking on the column's title
  • made Everything Finger's table look a bit nicer, and renamed the columns
  • made Create A New User (superdoc) not allow creation of user names with a space at the start or end (probably a troll), or 2 spaces in a row (makes it hard to /msg somebody, and possibly a troll)

April 14, 2001

April 15, 2001 (Easter)

  • in message (opcode), added ability to send a /msg to a user from EDB when they are borged

April 19, 2001

April 20, 2001

Note: I'm making a big change to the Java Chatterbox now, so I won't be doing much direct site work for a little while.

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