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Him Upstairs has seen fit to give me god powers, so naturally I am going mad with it, throwing chunks of code around willy-nilly even though I hardly know any Perl at all. BWAHAHAHAA!

(actually, I'm trying to be really careful about it and have so far managed to avoid breaking anything very much, but I keep thinking I might be about to.)

In the name of completeness and accountability, I'm including changes to the text of the site here, even where there was no actual coding involved.

  • Changed addwriteup to edit the text for switching TinyMCE editing on and off, mainly for conciseness. Also added Seeing How Your Writeup Will Look to the list of reasons Level 1 users might want to use their Scratch Pad.
  • Removed 'First time here?' from the blurb on the front page. So what if it is?
  • Removed all links from new user email (apart from the one to the front page), since they were only taking people to http://index.pl and that's pure madness. Backed it up as new user mail backup, just in case. Probably one of these days somebody will fix the mail-sending code so that it parses hard links correctly, but I don't even know where to start looking.
  • Created Oolong's sandbox so that I can play about with superdoc-type functionality in a largely consequence-free environment.
  • Created Dream Nodelet and Log Nodelet, listing only writeups of those writeuptypes (whether or not they're hidden). in10se helped a bit. I plan to also make a similar nodelet with a drop-down list of wutypes to get writeups of a specific type (without showing hidden ones). These should also be available in superdoc format, I'm thinking... as should most nodelets, if you ask me. Haven't yet added these things to Nodelet Settings; still testing and whatnot. So far: They seem to work okay, but because they're based on New Writeups - Zen, they look a bit weird in other themes. Also they share the New Writeups setting for number of wus shown, which is a bit silly.
    Edit: I realised I could make them look much less ugly by putting titles in <div>s rather than <span>s, and ordinary users don't get to choose how many writeups to display anyway for some reason, so I'm now happy enough with them to put them into Nodelet Settings (via classic nodelets), and have done so.
  • Edited Page of Cool to include a little bit of explanation, and integrate the functionality of Editor Endorsements; it seemed very odd for these two ways of looking at editor picks not to be in the same place, I thought.
  • Implemented various patches from Sam512: A couple of small edits to the front page ('Removed colon, replaced h2 with h3. This matches the style of Cool User Picks and Staff Picks, nearby on the same page'; 'Reduces verbosity; removes now-superfluous Page of Cool link (we have Staff Picks instead now)') , and one to the Scratch Pad ('Scratch Pads have been "now of unlimited size" for 6 years. I think everybody knows').
  • Shuffled round the front page a bit more: The Welcome Message (currently 'Everything2 is a collection of user-submitted writings about, well, pretty much everything. Use the search box or follow the links to explore, or click here to learn how you can contribute.') now appears in the Zen theme, in its own div with id welcome_message. Staff Picks are in a div with the staff_picks id.
  • Removed the table and a superfluous div around Staff Picks.
  • Implemented in10se's magnificent Writeups by Type, which is to say I cloned what he'd written from his coding sandbox to a superdoc for all to see.
  • Halved the expected number of links in writeuphints. Agonising about whether to implement rootbeer277's ingenious-looking patch to check that there's an average of at least one link per paragraph - I think it's a very sensible idea, but his code is way over my head!
  • Added a link to The Catwalk in User Settings for users with the Zen theme turned on. Sam512's suggestion, I just added code to check if Zen theme was selected.
  • Removed deprecated bgcolor attributes from the Cool Archive - they didn't actually seem to be doing anything, since .oddrow and .evenrow are given CSS-style colours in the HTML of the page in most themes. Sam512 (who suggested this one as well) tells me that they were messing up the formatting in his browser, and I'll take his word for it though I couldn't reproduce his problem.
  • Implemented rootbeer277's patch to turn the metric in Noding Speedometer upside-down - I always thought it was a bit odd to get a figure for nodes per day, rather than days per node. Maybe we should have both? I don't know.
  • Created another new nodelet - Usergroup Writeups - to list all the writeups added to a usergroup of your choice. It's possible it would be better to aggregate all the writeups from all the usergroups someone's in, and show them that; certainly in an ideal world, we'd give people the choice. I'm happy with this for now, though.
  • Added a bit of code to the E2science page, to link directly to its section of the news archives. This code is portable without modification to any usergroup that uses a 'weblog', if anyone's interested. I'm hoping to see much more use made of the possibility to add writeups to groups. I wonder if it would be worth implementing a Cool Man Eddie message for this... 'Hey, Oolong added your writeup Biological Warfare and the Buffy Paradigm to the E2science page! Excellent!'
  • Started work on a Social Bookmarking nodelet. I'm not sure if a nodelet is ultimately the best thing for this to be, but it works. Later I'll think about integrating it into writeup headers or something, but this definitely needs to be something people can turn off. This is another thing it might be worth knocking up CME messages for, somewhere down the line - but I'd like that to be optional, as it is now for on-site bookmarking messages.
  • Re-did the navigation of Everything User Search, basically according to Sam512's design suggestions. Now with actual logic!
  • Removed lastnode_id from Findings: page for Guest User. This should hopefully avoid quite a lot of stupidity in the indexing of the site by search engines.
  • Removed the restrictions on who can see node creators and change their writeup header displays. Level 3 users now have the reward of being able to create user polls, anyway, so it seems even sillier to withhold basic and totally harmless site functionality from users who haven't reached that level yet.
  • Amended applypatch so that when a patch to the code is applied, its status automatically gets set to 'implemented' - unless it was already set to 'implemented', in which case it gets set to 'undone' (a new status). This follows from kthejoker's earlier change to make a patch store the information needed to undo it when it's applied.
  • Removed the Donation Box link from the EKW theme.
  • Added log links, including the new Log Archive to the front page of the Zen theme, and the Logs nodelet.

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