Rottweilers are a German descended canine with black coat, and tan markings. A highly intelligent, but stubborn breed. They are generally considered to be in the "working" class of dogs, which means that they were bred for professional work of some sort. Rottweilers were originally bred by the Visigoths to herd and protect their livestock, and defend their families. Today, Rotties are trained for police work, and as attack animals for security work. While their sturdy, thick build and jowly visage often gives the impression of of a killer, along with their portrayal in films such as Cujo as killers, Rotties are some of the sweetest dogs you can find. There are two variations of Rott. The German breed is longer, more lean, and more frequently appear on film. The English Rottweiler is much stockier, their markings a darker tan, and their face and build much closer to a bulldog.

I often find it annoying when people see me walking my Rottweiler and edge away. I do understand if they're afraid of dogs that they should edge away, but what makes me really angry is when people make comments about how dangerous your dog is based on a bias formed by the reputation of the breed. My dog is shy, a trait that you will not see in the Rottweiler breed often and will get spooked if someone just comes to pet them rather brashly. But once she gets to know you, watch out cause she'll keep bringing her toy to you for you to throw it. She also has bad hearing so people can sneak up to her and spook her. She becomes fiercely protective of me if someone looks threatening but she won't bark, and because of her bad hearing and shyness I have to watch out for her too. The bad reputation of the Rottweiler was created by those that have bred the dog just to make money. When the breed became popular many people would breed these dogs with carelessness, not taking into account their tempermants, and what they are susceptible to. Puppy mills make it even worse because of the environment the puppies would grow up in. Remember people, whatever anyone tells you, Puppy Mills are illegal. Most of the time dogs bred in them are raised in horrible conditions and are kept in cages, they are not socialized properly. Nowadays, breeders of this type of dog are trying hard to regain the Rottweilers good reputation of a loyal, steadfast, guardian dog. Instead of a vicious killer portrayed in many movies, and only reinforced by what biased people think. What really unnerves me is when a child or adult would approach a dog with an open hand and attempt to pet them before they let the dog sniff them, this is a big NONO! Especially if they come from behind and decide to stroke the animals behind. Many accidents happen like this where the dog is frightful of the human and may bite. Many people should learn that you should approach a dog with a closed fist and allow them to sniff them first. And also with the permission of the owner who would know the dog best. Dogs are the most territorial when out and walking with their owners. Also one of the biggest factors of how a dog acts is by it's handling and how it is trained, an untrained dog that is not socialized properly will be a dangerous one, this applies to all breeds. I have met a Golden Retriever (a breed that I love too) that was vicious and attacked people so it was eventually put down. This was caused by it's owner hitting her when she was bad, and hitting a dog is not how you train it because it just teaches them to get angry at you. I just want everyone to know that you should be cautious of any breed of dog you approach even if they're known for their kindness, and you should not be so judgemental to those that have bad reputations. And never just voice a biased opinion out loud because you don't know who you hurt.

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