Sassy, having a certain level of independance and intelligence, combined with extreme confidence. Those who are Sassy are not afraid to speak thier minds, and are usually quite adept at witty comebacks.

A magazine for teenage girls of a less-than-braindead persuasion. Attempted to infiltrate the mainstream bimbo mag scene by dis(cus)sing models, 90210 and other evil facets of teen-girl culture and promoting cute underground bands and other DIY stuff. Began publication in 1988 under ed-in-chief Jane Pratt, who, with Christina Kelly, is now doing Jane. In 1994, the magazine was bought be Petersen Publishing, who were also responsible for the sublimely terrible 'Teen. They drove it under in a matter of two issues.

Sassy girls like Lemonheads, feminist discourse, babydoll dresses, and My So-Called Life.

The cat in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. A rather lovely looking cat, she is a persian of Himalayan color class. Known for her line cats rule, dogs drool.

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