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Two famous personalities who look uncannily similar. The two are never seen in the same room together. I hope people will add to this meta node.

A concept popularized in Private Eye magazine and The Word show.

To start you off:-

  • Noel Gallagher - Parker from Thunderbirds<\LI>
  • Colonel Gadaffi - Fatima Whitbread<\LI>
  • Brian May from Queen - Anita Dobson<\LI>
  • Bruce Willis - Michael Garibaldi from Babylon 5<\LI>
  • Marie Osmond - Monica Lewinski<\LI>
  • Darren Huckerby of Leeds Utd FC - ALF<\LI>
  • Ben Affleck - ex-Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra<\LI>
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