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Decks cleared 12/24/04.
For what? What for?

Could it be?
Yes it could.
Something's coming --
Something good. -- the poor man's homenode pic. Then there's my photoblog, at -- go have a look at that if you want to know.

Vital Statistics --

Lipid Values, 10/27/04:

Total Cholesterol    179 mg/dl.
Triglycerides         74 mg/dl.
HDL                   65 mg/dl.
LDL                   99 mg/dl.


Aspirin                             162 mg daily
Atenolol (for Tenormin)              25 mg daily
Lisinopril (for Zestril/Prininvil)    5 mg daily
Lovastatin (for Mevacor)             40 mg daily
Niaspan (for Niacin SA)            1500 mg daily

New loves and old I have discovered and rediscovered since departing from Everything:

Mixology, and martinis in particular; dominoes and go; re-runs of West Wing and ER; mustard; WFMU; comic books; ukulele; The Website That Must Not Be Named.

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