My daughter is a straight edge at 18.

She does not even drink caffeine, except in the form of hot chocolate. No coffee. Mint tea and no caffeinated. "Why would anyone drink alcohol or smoke pot?"

She has a roommate picked out for college. They plan to have a drug and alcohol free dorm room.

I told one friend this and she said that in college, she and friends had "Sober fairy" t-shirts. They would wear them to parties, to help decrease the pressure to drink.

My evil side wants a "Sober Fairy Social Media Photographer" t-shirt. With nice drawing of a lovely fairy with a camera, documenting everything.... ooooo .....

My daughter is a straight edge because she is studying people. She has been studying people since she was born and perhaps before that. She tried to arrive three months early and we stopped that with terbutaline for three months and strict bed rest. Terbutaline is like caffeine on steroids, related to adrenalin. I had a resting heart rate of 100 on terbutaline, was on bed rest, and my hands shook. I couldn't concentrate to read, because my mother's ovarian cancer was diagnosed two weeks after the bed rest started. I hated tv. My four year old would orbit the bed like Ricochet Rabbit, bouncing off the walls faster and faster.....

Perhaps my daughter had enough of substances with terbutaline from 6 months to 9 months in utero. I say she tried to come early, but it was my body that was protesting working too hard pregnant. Boy, it sure showed me.

A Sober Fairy is off to college. We shall see...

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