my body is round in spots but that's okay.
my boobs aren't as firm as they used to be but that's okay too.
and i paint my nails sparkly, still.
my sister thinks it's odd.
my hair is short but i want it long,
and it's curly but i want it straight.
but there's nothing wrong with that.
that's every woman.
my eyes. they're nice. people comment on them.
i am not proud of my eyes. i am blessed to have them.
my legs are long. and strong.
my feet are big, but that's okay.

i'm tall.
and long.
a tall cool glass of water.
i don't wear makeup. but that's okay.
if you don't like me because of it, i'm unconcerned.
i am beautiful.
my smile shows too much gums.
but that's okay. it makes my smile different than yours.
my hands. they're big. and scarred. but that's okay.
they have character.
they have painted neat things. they have served me well.
my lips are thin, but that's okay.
they're warm.
the one man who is allowed to kiss them loves them well -- as do i.
they speak and whistle and laugh.
it's a good strong body.
it is beautiful.


My body is an old house that creaks and moans.

Weathered and reliable.

My mind is a dusty, old room and everything is a handmedown.

My soul is a blanket I wrap tightly around myself.

When it breaks free all I'll be is a

Heart and brain

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